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Live Merchandise

iPhone 4S Sticker

Overdose Caress
Original Packaging

JRock Evolution Card
Girugamesh | Shuu

JRock Evolution Card
UNiTE | Haku

Tokugawa Crest
Diameter of 2.5cm

MICHIDO Snacks Box
State budget in order form


Garish Room 006

Garish Room 007

Garish Room 008

Garish Room 009


Recieved snackbox and magazine~!

They are definitely worth the price as on other websites the magazines cost much more~! Delivery is also really quick~! ^O^

Moreover, the service is amazing~! ^^

Don't be afraid to buy - it is definitely worth the money~! ^^ <3

Item came today~ thanks so much!
Communication, delivery and price are excellent (and reasonable).
Though in a low price, the item is in super mint condition! Total bargain haha!

Thanks so much! Would be glad to buy again with you next time :)

Hey iIm interested in the GazettE Art Book... I live in Argentina, South America...
How do I pay you? And everything... ;A; I really want it

Thank you very much my stuffs are here already.Looking forward for my next purchased again..^_^

The MICHIDO Snacks Box how much? I dont see the price :c

Please use our order form and state your budget :)

about the RR43... you'll have it up for sale right?

I read somewhere that you get some indie shop presents for purchasing DIVISION? And that it comes with a B2 size poster? Do I get those for ordering the album here?

How long will you have the GazettE hooded towel up for? I really want to buy it but I won't be able till the first month of October :(

I wondered if you were able to enter the gazette x tsutaya lottery for people? I would really like to enter it but cannot as I am not in Japan.

Thank you.

I thought you'll only get the poster if you ordered the Limited Edition First Press. That's what they said at CDJapan. But I doubt you'll be able to get it since the release date passed and already the first press is no more.

My division just came in yesterday! Thank you so much!
Great service!

hi, i want to know about size of Tsutaya x the GazettE
"Wear the Music"? is it all size or i can choose? and is it possible if you send the t-shirt to Brunei?
Thank you :)

@Icha, the shirt is supposed to be a "one size fits all." The length is 75cm, width 49cm, shoulder width 41cm, and sleeve length 18 cm :)

ok then how much cost that i have to pay include shipping and tax to brunei? then how the method of payment?

please check your email. thx

Item recieved today! :)
Thank you so much, it was perfect! ^.^

Hello! Im searching the Gazette Hooded Towel from a-nation... can you help me ^^ ?

Hi Itsumi, as much as I would love to, the towels sold out at most of the events, so I'm sorry but I won't be of much help :(

Hello もう一度,
Are there still GazettE hooded towels? I would like to buy one :)

Hey! I want to buy one of the Tokugawa crest stickers, but how long would it take to ship? I'm moving to Korea on the 25th, and I'm not sure what my new address will be...
If you could let me know soon, I'd really appreciate it!

I am most definitely buying from your store in near future! I am especially excited about the fact that you sell tour-goods <3 This makes me so happy! Thank you so much for giving fans this chance.

>>Jordan, I can ship as soon as this week, could you use our order form and we can discuss the details over email? Thanks! :)

>>Shouchan, thank you so much for your nice comment!

Are you still buying tour goods?

Are you taking order for the GazettE's THE DECADE DVD?

I have a question (^_^)/` Just like what you did for DIVISION, will you be selling the DECADE Book or can you only get that through Japan-Discoveries?? Thank you in advance!

@Shiro, I can certainly take orders! Please check back in a day and I'll have the prices and everything up :)

Hello, i would like to ask if You are willing to take orders for DECADE DVD limited edition? And also, when You ship items out, do You state the price of the item on the package, or just write gift/present/personal item?
Thank You

Hi Vii, I can still take orders but I would need a payment asap as there are limited numbers left.

I also usually reduce the price on the customs sheets and write that it's a gift. Hope this answers your questions :)

Then I will buy DECADE LIMITED DVD!!
It would be nice if gift or personal item is marked or the price written is lower than 3500¥. How much would the Limited edition cost and shipping fee also?

Thank You!

My item arrived yesterday.Thank you so much for your excellent service!

I've ordered GazettE goods from Mou Ichido three times now... or it might've been four times... Well, however many times doesn't matter because I will definitely continue ordering from them!

Amazing, kind and polite customer service! My goods arrive sooner than I expect them to! And the cost of the goods PLUS delivery are at reasonable and low prices (unlike a majority of online goods shops...)!!

You can never go wrong with Mou Ichido!!

... Yeah... I know this sounds super cheesy, but I mean every word from the bottom of my heart! <--And yes, I know that sounds cheesy too =_=;;

I ordered my MELT-goods from michido
The shipping was super fast and the contact was really nice and helpfull!

I'm definetely going to order again form this shop~

Hi. Are all the garish room magazines new?? And, can i know which year are the magazines?

they are in Mint condition! The magazines are from 2009 and 2010

Ordered a LIVE ticket from Mou Ichido, extremely pleasant communications, fast shipping, and reasonable prices! Thank you so much, and I will definitely order again from your shop!

Hello, my dear~ =D

I have a question regarding the new GazettE DVD (MELT FINAL). I know that in japanese music shops there will be given extras when you buy the DVD. Do you somehow happen to know which shop will give out which extras and is it possible that you could get the DVD there then?

Thanks for all the translations and shopping you do!!
Have a great day!!

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